IT Ramblings #5

I’ve started to think about the Smartboard that sits in our glass classroom and what I could start with. Then I thought what training will I need,  then as chance should cross my path I read this blog from Blogwalker, Gail Desler, and it link to this Why not have a read and give it a go.  Other useful sites include,,

After spending all day Thursday taking photos of our school’s Year 9 students at Woodhouse, I was thinking what most Art galleries around the world have resources for teachers try these sites:

If you want to start blogging with your students then the presentation Blogwalker attened at CUE 2009 by Alice Mercer is worth a read. Here is Blogwalkers post follow the links and see what it takes. As a reminder our Education Department is about to release a document on using the Internet safely with students so stay tuned.


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