IT Ramblings #4

I noticed its nearly been a year since I produced an “IT Ramblings” for the staff I work with. The Ramblings came about through my use of staying in touch by using SAGE on my Firefox browser.  It’s not until recently as I transferred the RSS feeds to my iPod Touch that I noticed how much I missed and should continue to share with my colleagues.

Our school is interested in the use of iTunes U and as having held the status of an Apple School of Excellence seemed appropriate that we investigate the space. So my first link is a look at the material produced by other schools at the iTunes U. You will need to download iTunes from then run and open. On the left select iTunes Store and then select iTunes U its on the left in the screen. There are plenty of material students and staff can download to an iPod, have a look at the amount that’s been generated in the K-12 space, link on left. If you have an iPod why not download and listen to a few and see how they can be used in your subject area.

What happens if we want to view how often a selection of words or phrases occur in a given text. Wordle and Phrase Net offer this ability. Phrase Net at allows text to be entered and analysed, the site shows an example of Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice.” Then select Create Visualization and either select a text or upload your own, after that choose how you want to view it. Tag Cloud, Wordle or Phrase Net are all listed. Try your own text or that Principals message on the school website. Here are two examples:

I found this blog that looks at the use of web 2.0 tools for learning about earthquakes read more at . While initially started out at it shows the power of the network when people are willing to share their resources.

Hope you find these useful.


One thought on “IT Ramblings #4

  1. Hello ITCoach,

    I just wanted to piggyback on your comment on the “power of the network.” Thanks to your trackback, I’ve now wondered into your blog, discovered the outstanding “23 Things” resource, and have added IT Ramblings to my RSS feed. I still stand back in awe, at least two or three times a week, at the unlimited 24/7 resources and shared learning community available to me via Web 2.0 technologies.

    Gail Desler

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