May 24 2009

IT Ramblings #6

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I spend most of my time on the net reading whats happening around the world and getting a good dose of professional development reading done. Well most of this post comes from the Cool Cat Teacher, Vicki A. Davis’, . During the weekend while I had a quiet hour continued to read some past posts from bloggers around the globe.

And read these…

The NetGen Educational Challenge has finished but its still worth a look at the work produced from teachers, students and business. Have a look at the website, and view some of the entries. Here is Vicki’s original post and have a look at one she pointed out to her readers.

Its amazing that many blogs, like this one, directs you to someone else’s thoughts and more often than not the article challenges the way we do things or shows the power of the Net by allowing contributions or comments to delve a little deeper into the topic so here is Vicki’s link to Cathy Nelson’s post on “If an assignment can be plagerized…” don’t forget to follow the comments at the end of the post and see what else doors open.

We used to think that this was in the future now its for real. Enjoy the read and next time you hear your students talking about posting to there Myspace or Facebook page remind them about this.

The IT Coach

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